Indian Elections 2009 - Comments

Saturday, 21 September 2013

India Parliament 2014 - BJP 300 - NDA 400 - Kanyakumari LokSabha 2014 Prediction

 Kanyakumari Lok Sabha 2014 Prediction

NDA is all set to regain Parliament. With BJP predicted to gain close to
300 Seats. Here is a look at India's southern tip - Kanyakumari Lok Sabha Constituency

LS 2009 Results
Party Candidate Votes
DMK J. Helen Davidson 320161
BJP P. Radhakrishnan 254474

Pon Radhakrishnan will take this constituency with a large number of enthusiastic Kanyakumari youth

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  1. BJP is all set to win in this constituency. Christian churches who played a big role in defeating ponnar last time.

  2. Since BJP plans their Minority wing state leader Sekhar Livingstone - a Nadar Christian for Tirunelveli and their allied MDMK Advocate Joel -another Nadar Christian for Thoothukudi, this time Ponaar is sure to get the maximum minority votes and win in Kanniyakumai. This time all the three constituencies in the southern border are the strong hold for BJP.


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