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Friday, 17 April 2009

Sumdog Billionaire - Election Poll 4 - Karunanidhi's Family Politics

Question : Who among the following relatives of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr Karunanidhi are in Politics

No one - He doesn't believe in Family Politics

One Son - Stalin

One Daughter - Kanimozhi

Sons - Stalin, Azagiri, Muthu, Son-in-Law - Murasoli Maran, Daughters - Kanimozhi , Grandsons - Dayanidhi Maran, Udaya nidhi, Granddaughters - Kayalvizhi, GreatGrandSons - Tamil Chelvan , GreatGranddaughters ... oomph

Hint: DMK was a party founded with the blood and sweat of thousands of cadres
during 1960s. Hundreds of DMK men and women have died for the party's cause and
millions have donated their lifesavings for the party

Answer : Still haven't guessed! Please visit Tamil Nadu once
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