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Friday, 17 April 2009

Thirteenth time voter exposes the mood of Andhra electorate

The grand old party of India - the Congress - fires all the cylinders at the opposition out of frustration and its leader in Andhra Pradesh - Dr Samuel Rajashekara Reddy - goes to the extent of 'threatening' people on Telangana. If this doesn't come as proof for the reality that Congress faces in the rich and cultural state of Andhra Pradesh, perhaps you can judge by the way a ninety-six (96) year old Laxmamma's voted.

Laxmamma of Kalasiguda has voted in 13 Assembly (including in the erstwhile Hyderabad State) and 14 parliamentary electionsa and has never missed a chance to vote.

``I used to vote Congress but in recent times have been choosing the flower (BJP) and car (TRS),'' she says.

This trend is seen everywhere in Andhra Pradesh which used to be a Congress stronghold. The party's based is slowly eroding thanks to the rebellion and newly formed PRP.

No wonder highly-dignified and experienced Chief Minister lost his cool and indulges in 'Cheap' politics.

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