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Monday, 13 April 2009

Open Letter to Manmohan Singh and Congress Party

Dear Prime Minister,

Last week you were targetted by the Leader of Opposition as a weak prime minister and you have fired back by comparing the way you have reacted to the circumstances like the Mumbai Attack, the Satyam Scandal etc.

I want to mention that all the reactionary measures you and your fellow ministerial colleages are proud of are the most shameful events in Indian soil. If you deserve to be patted for these, excuse me Sir, we can't do it. For we don't have selective amnesia to forget the past.

It is YOU and YOUR GOVERNMENT that followed a terrorist-appeasement policy made the country soft target for terrorists. Inability of YOUR Government made terrorists to have sleeper cells in many parts of India. It is a shame that two out of three
terrorists emanate from Andhra Pradesh - a state ruled by your Congress Party.

YOU and CONGRESS jumped to conclusion that no Muslim should be portrayed as terrorist. A terrorist is not branded a religious terrorist unless he creates terror based on religion. But here are terrorist who are fighting based on religious beliefs, declare religious war on the nation, yet you appease them.

YOU saved a terrorist from the gallows. If you feel proud and STRONG for saving a terrorist - so be it.

When the country projected Shri Abdul Kalam for President, YOU and CONGRESS proposed a novice - Smt Prathiba Patil for the highest post in the country - for the sole reason that she is close to Ms Sonia. You had no say when the leaders proposed other names like Dr Rangarajan (ex-RBI Governor), Shri KasturiRangan (Ex-ISRO Chief), Shri Narayanamurthy (EX-Infosys Chief), MS Swaminathan (Green revolution champion) etc. COUNTRY DESERVED A GOOD PRESIDENT, but you as weak Prime Minister chose the one WHO WILL NOT STOP A FOREIGNER when nominated for PM.

When Shri Shridaran of Delhi Metro hinted at scandal in Satyam subsidiaries, YOUR CONGRESS CHIEF MINISTER threated to sue him. Now it is history that the worms are out and have rotten the entire industry. Dear Dr Prime Minister, if you were a software business manager, you would have known that SATYAM NOT SUBPRIME IS THE MAIN CAUSE FOR IT JOB CUTS. Your Party has tarnished the image of the Indian IT industry. YOU as a Prime Minister turned blind eye on the accusations when it was raised, but you and your colleagues take credit for restoring Satyam without any Shame. Yes Satyam exists now but the IT industry has shed 345,000 direct employees and 780,000 indirect workers. Your WEAKNESS to stand up against a Chief Minister has thrown livelihood of lakhs of families in doldrums

YOU watched helplessly when the GOVERNOR OF BIHAR imposed PRESIDENT'S RULE when Nitish Kumar showed the numbers and proved the majority. YOUR and YOUR PARTY mocked at the constitution just because Laloo Yadav was STRONGER than YOU!

YOU remained a mute spectator when your ally in south KARUNANIDHI DENIGRATED HINDU GODS, CALLED RAM A DRUNKARD . Oblviously Karunanidhi was STRONGER than YOU!

When your current ally MAMATHA BANERJEE PLAYED AN EVIL TO SCUTTLE THE PRESTIGIOUS NANO PROJECT, you couldn't do anything because Trinamul Chief was STRONGER than YOU!

When your cabinet minister Shri Arjun Singh went ahead with the reservation policy without your approval you simply smiled -- because Arjun Singh was STRONGER than YOU!


When Sonia Gandhi humiliated you by not giving a lok sabha seat in the by-election you humbly accepted travelling on the top of the bus through Assam Rajyasabha seat as Sonia is STRONGER than YOU!

When Ms Priyanka and Congress coterie takes pride in portraying a flunk - Shri Rahul Gandhi for prime minister - you holding a doctorate acknowledge that without any shame because Rahul and Priyanka are STRONGER than YOU!

Dear Prime Minister Sir, it is obvious that you feel frustrated and furious when someone calls you WEAK - but the truth is you have been MADE WEAK and you have to accept it!

Kandahar is a tragedy, but no country was prepared for it. It happened on 24 December 1999 - and no other hijack was allowed to happen in Indian Soil. The terrorists still were able to hijack airlines in America on September 11, 2001 and cause collateral damage.

But YOUR government failed to provide security for the countrymen after repetitive attacks - BANGALORE, DELHI, VARNASI, HYDERABAD, MUMBAI, ASSAM ... you take pride in killing 9 terrorists who died after killing hundreds!

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  1. Manmohan is Weak Weaker and Weakest prime minister India had ever had. Sonia is spoling India ... hope some tsunami takes her and her family back to Italy

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  3. A.John Britto from Vancouver, Canada.
    Dear Dr.Singh,
    You had the opportunity to be the PM for 5 years.At least the following areas you have to find ways to improve.
    The rural areas are totally neglected without trying to improve the living standards of the farmers who form the backbone of indian economy.we must do something to give easier access to farmers' children as they don't get a fixed income nor can they support their children in studies.
    See the area occupied by the railways at prime locations all over the country.why can't we build hotels providing accomodations to foreign tourists who will find it safe ,increasing tourism revenue and also creating jobs.also please look at the bus stands in all the major cities.Its pathetic.20 years back also it was like this.No improvement at all.All the junior ministers should be maximum 50 yrs old so that their expertise can be utilised for long.


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