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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Young voters furious over Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's Fake degrees

Senior congress leaders expressed inability to counter Indian youth's questions on Rahul Gandhi's educational background and his mother Ms Sonia Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi, in his nomination affidavit to the Election Commission says he received an MPhil in Developmental Economics from Cambridge University in 1994-95. He made the same claim in 2004. Cambridge University, however, says that he was registered for an MPhil course in 2004-2005 . He however hasn't completed the course and has failed in it too.

Rahul Gandhi had earlier failed to get through from the St Stephen’s in India and Harvard, USA. Yet his beloved sister Priyanka sees him as a Prime Ministerial material

His mother and Super PM of India - Sonia Gandhi also falsified her affidavit by claiming to have attended Cambridge University, when all she attended was a language school in the town of Cambridge (she attributed it to a “secretarial typing error”).

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  1. Rahul and Sonia will do justice to country and congress party by leaving de country. Congress is the no 1 corupt party

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  3. If this news is not available to all citizen of India we should blame news media and by cot them.


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