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Friday, 17 April 2009

Sumdog Billionaire - Election Poll 5 - Karuna and Prabhakaran

Question : What did Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr Karunanidhi recommend the Sri Lankan Government if the prime accused in Rajiv Gandhi murder - Prabhakaran is caught?

Rahul and Sonia before Shri Rajiv Gandhi Funeral Pyre

The great Indian Prime Minister's shattered body after the cowardly act of LTTE bomber.

Seconds before the tragedy

Extradite to India and hand him over to CBI

Try him in Srilankan Court

Kill Him

Treat him with full respect as a Government guest!

Hint: Karunanidhi an devout LTTE supporter finally acknowldeged the defeat of
LTTE recently by asking Rajapakshe to treat LTTE Chief Prabhakaran with respect if he is caught

Shri Karunanidhi went further to say Prabhakaran is the good friend of him and he is not a terrorist
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