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Friday, 17 April 2009

Sumdog Billionaire - Election Poll 2 - most opportunistic alliance

Question : Which is the most opportunistic alliance?

Congress - DMK [DMK was charged in Jain Commision report for colluding in Rajiv Gandhi's murder]

Rahul and Sonia before Shri Rajiv Gandhi Funeral Pyre

The great Indian Prime Minister's shattered body after the cowardly act of LTTE bomber.

Seconds before the tragedy

Congress - TMC [Trinamool Congress Chief Mamatha Banerjee opposes any developmental agenda]

Congress - Muslim League(s) [ Secularism at the best - alligning with religious parties wanting separate country]

Congress - JMM [Shri Sibhu Soren - a convicted criminal was UPA's Union minister and also Congress supported Jharkhand Chief Minister)

All of the Above

Congress led UPA was the coalition of unholy alliances - with worst being the alliance with D.M.K. which was indicted by Jain Commission in Rajiv Gandhi's murder. DMK and its alliance partners still openly support LTTE and carry out rallies and meetings in support of them.

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