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Friday, 22 November 2013

Can Kushboo (Nakhat Khan) Succeed Karunanidhi for DMK's Top Post ?

Women Groups and Minority Groups Support Kushboo to Lead DMK ?

A great party always goes for a sudden change. Remember Sarah Palin leading the Presidential race for Republicans.Women have given surprises in the past

This time the surprise might come from Nakhat Khan - the forty five year old woman popularly called as Kushboo who has hogged the limelight for being the dark-horse to lead the party

DMK - A Sinking Ship

DMK, has failed to enthuse voters after 2004. For the last ten years the party is struggling to survive. The leaders have become sycophants and are not popular with the people

Nakhat Khan can fill the gap between the voters and the party

Republican Sarah Palin (USA)

Nakhat Khan - the Caring Mother and A Leader of DMK

Nakhat Khan moved to Chennai (then called Madras) when she was 16. At 17 she debuted in a Tamil film (Dharmathin Thalaivan) as Kushbhoo and from there she never looked behind She is married to director Sundar and with two girls Avanthika and Ananditha . Her popularity chart was on the rise in televison too.

Kushboo is now in Congress and closely worked with Rahul Gandhi to form alliance with DMK

She might also be the deputy CM if Karuna doesn't get enough seat

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