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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Which Alliance / Party will win in Tamil Nadu Loksabha Elections 2014 / Aam Admi Tamil Nadu Party Effect in 2014 elections

Tamil Nadu Loksabha 2014 Elections - Predictions

The National Media is predicting more than half of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu for AIADMK. But there is a strong undercurrent against TN CM Jayalalithaa amongst women voters

There were many places in Tamil Nadu where local women were up against government for setting up liquor shops in the area.

DMK is the normal alternative for TN Voters. The Party however has lost confidence in itself and banking on a strong alliance, which might come true if people vote on Party basis

BJP and Congress doesn't have a party vote bank in Tamil Nadu and heavily depend on their PM Candidates Rahul and Narendra Modi respectively

The educated class is now moving away towards AAP, which might not win any seat but can spoil the chances of BJP/AIADMK in some constituencies

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