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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections 2016 - Predictions

Tamil Nadu always throws surprises. Jayalalitha swept assembly and parliament elections 

Usually the incumbent loses in assembly. Till date it was either DMK or ADMK for the last for decades 

How about this time - there are four or five fronts

NDA led by BJP
UPA led by congress 
PWF - a mix of MDMK, Communists and Dalit party - VCK
Vijayakanth DMDK 

Though many are expecting the alliance to be formed to predict, we strongly feel it would be a hung assembly

There is a strong anti-incumbency wave mainly due to the following 

TASMAC - the government promoted liquor shop menace
Price rise
Uneven development
Non performing legislators and council

The benefit, however, doesn't go to DmK as people are looking Karunanidhi as a weak CM

Who will be next CM of Tamil Nadu?

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