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Sunday, 17 April 2016

TamilNadu Assembly 2016 - Palayamkottai - Tamil Magan Hussain versus MaideenKhan

Mohideen Khan vs Tamil Magan Hussain in Palayamkottai

This is going to be an election of David vs Goliath.. Mohideen Khan is a strong man from DMK repeated elected for decades from Palayamkottai. DMK feels he is a safe bet .

Tamilmagan Hussain on the other hand is a MGR loyalist to the core. He was a driver when MGR formed ADMK . He stopped the bus midway and ran to see the formation of ADMK 

When he was thrown out of the party, he camped in MGR house for four days and got the audience of him . The only ask from Tamilmagan was to be part of MGR Mandram

The loyalist will face tough challenge but will be succeed 
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