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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Yeddy - Kannadiga Proud Moment

*Yeddy - a proud moment for Kannadiga*

Many voices are heard and will be in the coming days on the burial of democracy in Karnataka by the elite journalists

One must brush that aside and get deeper to understand why the nature gave Yeddy a chance (he might be a CM for only one day and lose the floor test on Friday)

Whether you call newton third law or Dharma it’s the people’s wish to have the CM of *their choice* that has ended up in Yeddy becoming CM

During the run up to this election Rahul and Sonia were praising Siddharamiah for his five years rule and during the post election , they wanted a new face as CM.  Clear way of *meddling with local wishes* - Congress is known for that and hasn’t learnt the lesson
Sid was becoming a YSR in Karnataka and Rahul didn’t want this

The same thing happened with Yeddy in the last election. BJP dumped him - he was the one who toiled to make BJP come to power In state for the first time - and lost terribly - ended up with forty seats

 Modi and Amit Shah have to swallow the bitter pill and accept Yeddy. remember Modi participated in only one rally along with Yeddy

However the pride of Kannadiga has come back with their *own elected leader*

It might be a murder of democracy from one angle. It’s a birth of democracy in other angle. It’s time for National parties to oblige local leaders

CMs should be elected by the people, for the people and to the people! It has happened in Karnataka

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