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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Post - Rossiah Gains Support

YS Jagan Losing popularity in Andhra Pradesh CM's race

Believe it or not, the popularity of the son of the most beloved CM of Andhra, Shri YS Rajashekar reddy, Mr YS Jaganmohan reddy is dipping rapidly for CM post even as his coterie threaten to resign their seats etc.

On the other hand, Rossiah has become a better choice of the people now than when the poll was conducted on Sep 2009 (immediately after YSR's death)

This might be because of too tough posturing by the congress leaders, in particular, KVP ignoring the plight of common man.

Jagan Popularity Graph (Sep 2009)

Jagan Popularity Graph (Oct 2009)
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  1. KVP is against Andhra. He did't do anything for floods. He is a biggest a%$ h%^% in government.

  2. rasayya is in dreams dont distrub until he thrown away from CM chair

  3. good graphical representation but reality is different.Jagan is getting more support,rosayya could not able to win the peple heart of his won constituency, i dont think he will be winning andhrapradesh peoples heart.

  4. Jagan has less than 15% support in Telangana. He ccan't dare to enter mehboobnagar


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