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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Why should Telugus obey Italians ????

Is YS Jagan worth to be Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh? Why is this much hype and hoopla over a first-time MP? Who is behind this hype.

Even if YS Jagan is a better candidate, why is Kaka, Hanumanth Rao, Keshava Rao oppose Jagan? Is it because he opposes Telangana. If this is case is he getting good support in Guntur and Vijaywada just because he opposes the formation of Telangana

If opposing Jagan is an insult to Telugu pride will it not be an insult to Telangana pride if someone supports him?

Who is this KVP who is getting this much credit? Was YSR a 'Rabri Devi' for these Six years. why is KVP trying to belittle the former Chief Minister? If he is that much good in administration why the state is in indebted stage? Why has Maytas and Satyam failed? Was it because of YSR or because of KVP?

Why is the 'loyal' Konijetti Rosaiah not supporting Jagan? Is he a disciplined party worker or now a contender for CM post?

Why a state with 292 MLAs and 42 MPs not able to project atlease 10 contenders for CM post???

Why Sonia and Rahul who were not in picture in Assembly Elections now intersted in Andrha politics ????

Why Telugus who were the only one who voted for Indira Gandhi after Emergency be humiliated by foreign lady and her son?

Why should Indians obey Italians ???? Why should Telugus obey Italians ????

Who is Sonia to force the state to accept a Chief Minister of her choice? What happened to 'atma gauravam' of Congress. Even if Jagan is made as CM, people won't support unless Jagan comes out of Congress!

End Congress rule in Andhra .. End Humiliation to Telugus!!! Bharat Mata ki Jai
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  1. Rosaiah is the CM of Andhra ,, he will be till his death ... no one can replace him

  2. Telugus are the nearest to Italians as Telugu is ALSO known as Italian of the East.

    Enkatesulu Juval - Malaysia


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