Indian Elections 2009 - Comments

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

List of Holidays - 2010


Reason (?)

01 January 2010

New Year (Will not be allowed to Celebrate in Hyderabad)

02 January 2010

Maoist Bandh

03 January 2010

Maoist Bandh, OU Students Protest

04 January 2010

Maoist Bandh, OU Students Protest

05 January 2010

Maoist Bandh, OU Students Protest, MLAs protest

06 January 2010

Maoist Bandh, OU Students Protest, MPs rally

07 January 2010

Students Protest, TRC chief fast

08 January 2010

Make Jagan CM - Rally - Peacefull

09 January 2010

Make Jagan CM - Rally - Violent

10 January 2010

Lagadapati Rajagopal - Mega Marathon (Vizag 2 Warrangal)

11 January 2010

Hyderabad Settlers Rally, Bandh

12 January 2010

Telangana Praja Samthi Bandh

13 January 2010

Bhogi - Two Days rest for all Bandhs

14 January 2010


15 January 2010

Remove Rossiah Bandh - (sponsored by Jagan and Reddy Brothers )

16 January 2010

Remove Rossiah Bandh - (sponsored by Lagadapati Rajagopal)

17 January 2010

Jai Andhra Bandh - BJP, Jai Telangana Bandh - Teachers Forum

18 January 2010

Anti 'Jai Andhra' bandh - non BJP parties

19 January 2010

Pro Andhra Bandh, pro Rayalaseema bandh

20 January 2010

Greater Hyderabad bandh

21 January 2010

MIM bandh against Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema

22 January 2010

Software professionals bandh

23 January 2010

BPO professionals bandh

24 January 2010

non-andhraites bandh in Andhra, non-Telanganites bandh in Telangana

25 January 2010

Bandh in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in support for unified Andhra

26 January 2010

Rest for Bandh ; President's rule imposed

27 January 2010

Telangana bandh against Presidents Rule

28 January 2010

Andhra bandh against Presidents Rule

29 January 2010

Cine actors bandh

30 January 2010

Kerala, WB Bandh (just like that), T-State indefinite bandh

31 January 2010

Central government dissolves cabinet . Manmohan and his ministers resign enmasse. Prathiba Patil declares Jagan as Prime Minister, KCR as Home Minister, Lagadapati as Sports Minister, Chiranjeevi as Culture minister.

Sonia goes back to Italy with family (Rahul and Priyanka), Manmohan goes for higher studies (second PhD), Chidambaram becomes stock broker in NSE. Other congress minsiters sign-up as actors for upcoming Big Cinema productions

01 February 2010

Peace Returns, People go for Work, Children go to School. No more holidays for the calendar year

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  1. Prime minister should be from Telangana ! Make KCR as PM or nation wide strike will follow

  2. make all states as countries...
    assign all CMs as PMs...
    districts as states...
    MLAs as CMs...

  3. Yes, I agree make KCR as PM for Toilets and Sulabhs. He fits perfectly for that post !!

  4. make any1 PM or CM but give hyderabad to muslims..........


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