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Monday, 20 September 2010

Why Karunanidhi should move out of Politics

Whether Karunanidhi is a good for Tamils or not is not for me to debate. He is a leader with fifty years of political service and it is time for him to go.

The recent developments in his family proves that he is losing day-by-day to compassion, love and affection like anyother octogenarian and couldn't drive the country

The fast he did in Marina for Lankan Tamils was stopped abruptly due to Wives over-reaction on caretaking which was played out live in Media. Karuna has to stop it to avoid further embarassement.

Apart from that he is now dedicating more of his time for Film artistes rather in Secretariat

Mallika Sherawat's Topless Appearance
The functions are not without controversy also. Mallika Sherawat's Topless appearance at his function was a hit in the local newspapers

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1 comment:

  1. The most corrupt of India, Karunanidhi family should be routed out in the 2011 Assembly elections. All the wealth and cash swindled by the family should be got back by the Govt.


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