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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 Prediction

Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 Predicts an Hung Assembly with Mr Kharge as the CM  

It's probably the end of Hindu Nationalist BJP rule in the religious state of Karnataka. The absence of strong campaigning and failure of the BJP top leadership to unite its flock might be the cause of the emergence of Congress and JD(S) from the brink

Here are the Predictions for Karnataka Assembly 2013
Party 2004 Seats 2008 Seats 2013 Seat Prediction 
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 79 110 55
Indian National Congress 64 80 90
Janata Dal (Secular) 58 28 46
KJP (Yeddyurappa) - - 18
Others 23 6 15
Total (Turnout %) 224 224 224
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  1. Kannadigas will be fool if they allow Congress to come back .. The Hindus will be trashed out of KArnataka if Congress comes to power with the help of Jihadis from Kerala. JD(S) is another junk party .. KJP is a biggest junk..

  2. We are descendants of Tipu Sultan. We will rule Karnataka.. All you as* ^&$e Hindus now sit and l*&k

  3. But Tipu Sultan's great grand parents were Hindus and were living in Mantralaya serving Lord Raghavendra Swamy. Later they were forcibly converted to Islam by Hyderabad ruler and sent to Mysore. Basically our roots are in Hindu religion.

    It is better if we work together to better our and our children living conditions, instead of hating one another...

  4. Kannadigas are Cowards no doubt! Together! OMG! This nothing but act of Cowardice. I am not asking you to fight as an Hindu or Muslim. I want one to FIGHT for justice... not MARCH for justice. Rapes, Bombs and Love Jihads are happening in this country because Kshatriyas have become eunuchs marching with candles on strets

  5. @Ashraf Ali. Even if Congress comes in Karnataka. We will ensure that you gius are fucned by Modi - the PM of 2014

  6. Now Nitish Kumar is Congress card and is trying to divide BJP, by giving confusing info regarding PM candidate and trying same with his connections.

    be alert


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