Indian Elections 2009 - Comments

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


A: Amar singh supports Batla house people. Calls encounter fake

B: Bloodbath and bomb blasts that India underwent in 5yrs of misrule. 67 blasts in one year only!!!

    Bangladeshi Incursions ignored for sake of vote…Country suffers.

C: Conversions achieved a vertical growth

    China bullies India . More than 400 border incursion in last one year. No response.

    Corruption has a bulls run

    Campus Interviews dry up! 

D: Delhi encounter challenged by secular parties

E: Empathy to Olympic winners. No Padmashri given.

F: Failure becomes synonymous with UPA

    Food crises arise-Food imported at more price than paid to our Farmers.

G:GDP goes to the dogs.

H: Hindus feel suffocated .HRD minister wants Muslim reservation

I: India becomes a punching bag to terrorism/Inflation reaches a record High.

J: Jihadis get free run in India .

  Jobs vanish Faster Than Light!

K: Killings increase like never b4

    Kisan Credit Cards facilities brought by NDA stopped!

L: LeT becomes a house hold name.

    Laloo fools India . Subtle ways to take more money from passengers used!

M: Media bias reaches new low. Hindu bashing becomes fashion

N: Naxalism active in 165 districts of India . The enemy within gets stronger

      Nuclear Deal is a sell out to USA.Many things which will hurt us in that.

O: Orissa sees communal flare up after killing of Hindu saint. Everything blamed on    Hindus

P: Pakistan continues to finger us and we groan with an impotent cry

    POTA removed to appease minority voters. Crucified the Nation

Q: Quattarochi is helped to escape. Jai Mata Rome !

R: Rama insulted by Karunanidhi. Hinduism again maltreated

    River linking project stopped.

S: Sethusamudram issue hurts feelings of Hindus. Who cares?/Sacher report is a big question

T: Terrorism rises like never before. Soft approach hurts us.

U: ULFA makes mockery of a weak centre. Deaths rise.

V: Vandemateram NOT SUNG by PM and Sonia Gandhi.. National shame

W:  Where is the Prime Minister?

X: (e)xtremism bleeds our country

Y: YS Rajsekher Reddy allows funds on line of Haj for Christians to Jerusalem

Z: Zero development (almost) in many fields


This is a caustic comment on the regime which brought misery,fear,helplessness and terror to ALL OF US.

The unholy nexus must be brought down.

Vote out the people who has led India down!

Read,react and definitely forward to all ur contacts...for tomorrow will be too late and vote decisively and with vengeance!


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