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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Manmohan Projected as PM again!

"There can be many candidates for the post of prime minister but nobody stands in front of Manmohan Singh. He has both experience and competence," . This is what Ms. Sonia Gandhi has to say about her PM candidate Manmohan Singh

She also said that the people would vote for the Congress keeping in mind the achievements of the UPA Government in the last five years.

Highlights of the PM and Sonia's speech:

NREGA wage will now be Rs 100 per day: PM

After China, India is second most imp growing nation: PM

Events in South Asia are a cause for worry, says PM.

All families below poverty line will get 25 kg rice/wheat per month at Rs 3.

Empowerment of weaker section of society, SC/OBC and minority: Sonia

Congress the only pan-India party in the country: Sonia

BJP's support to Varun Gandhi is shameful: PM

No change in my position on prime ministership: Sonia

Experts Opinion:

As such the Congress agenda is a damp squib. The party will be in the reigns of Sonia who will use the Manmohan mask for the public.

Congress couldn't provide much for the recession environmnent

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