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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

BJP reined Varun, but who will rein in Karun

This what Varun Gandhi said at the Dalchand meeting:

... "If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the (Bhagvad) Gita that I will cut off that hand."

Varun Gandhi was chided by BJP leaders. The top leaders reprimanded Varun

These are Congress coaltion chief minister M. Karunanidhi's statements and speeches:

Flaying the Hindu practice of smearing ash or saffron or sporting a 'tilak' on the forehead for yet another time, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi questioned the need for such things in a country which preached equality of all religions.

Karunanidhi also questioned the rationale behind Brahmins wearing sacred thread.

He had on earlier occasions also ridiculed the practice of smearing ash or saffron on the forehead.

The DMK chief had  described Hindus as "robbers". But later he clarified that he meant Hindus were robbers "who stole hearts".

In the height of the Sethusamudram controversy, he had described Lord Ram as a "drunkard" and wondered whether he was a qualified engineer to have built the Ramasethu.

When the Hindus protested against the installation of EVR's statue in front of the famous Srirangam Temple, He asked, "When Temple Towers have nude sculptures and when nude Gods & Goddesses are kept inside the Temples, what is wrong in having a well dressed EVR in front of the Temple?"

Ganesh Chathurthi festival he had said, "Lord Ganesha was born in 'Vathapi' (Karnataka) and was brought to Tamil Nadu from there during Pallava period and hence he is not a Tamil God".

Karuna had said that Lord Rama, Ramayana & Rama Sethu were mere myth and there is no historical proof for their existence.

Karunanidhi also went on to say, "Some say there was a person over 17 lakh years ago. His name was Ramar. Do not touch the bridge constructed by him, they are saying. But then, from which engineering college had he graduated? Is there any proof for this?"

Perhaps the paid satellite media has selective amnesia. Have they forgotten what Karuna had said in the past? Do they agree to his views? A first-time candidate who spoke with excitement has been targetted by the media mob and a five time Chief Minister goes scott-free for the most hatred-spreading and communal-violence inciting comments!

BJP reined Varun, but who will rein in Karun

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  1. Tamilians are fools to keep him chif minister. do dey worsp Ram or Ravan?

    Karundidi will be thrown out

  2. never has the dravidian parties who preached no god theory crashed a place of worship its bjp who crashed the mosque , plz know both sides of the coin

  3. unfortunately b j p has lost credibilities / becoz of adhvani .he tried to take cmaflag og secularisom by prizing zinna as secularist . another worest fellow who donot have gets to contest in direct election is venkayya naidu . he is culpript in loosing the power by b j p

  4. But keeping that issues would you let country more suffer by handing over to Cogress? Just immagine if you were in his place at jinnah's would have told him Chutya?


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