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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Who sold Satyam to foreigners?

Satyam is the pride of Andhra - Pride of South India and the Gem of India. This was by size the fourth largest IT company in india, but for quality of Job it was the numero uno.

It was a pride for every Telugu when they see the Satyam logo in other parts of India and the world. It was a symbol of achievement of a Telugu from Coastal Andhra who made it big. For who worked for Satyam it was more than an employer... it had some umblical cord connections! The company made poor and average Telugu realise his/her dreams of going big.
Come May 1, 2009, Satyam is no more a 'mana' company. The fate, anyways, was already sealed months before when Shri Ramalinga Raju 'confessed' the crime.
Who made Satyam to fail? Who swindled the money from Satyam? Which Party is responsible for bring down an empire of hearts, a symbol of pride, a spring-board for south indians?
Already 12,000 ex-Satyamite families are struggling because of job losses. Once the takeover completes, the results will be horrible!
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