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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections – Prediction - TDP lead Mahakuttami Gaining Steadily

Is it complacency in Andhra Pradesh Congress or Is it ‘Andhra Shining’ similar to the failed ‘India Shining’ campaign, whatever might be the reason the charm of Congress as such is coming down in Andhra Pradesh. The one and only rallying part of Congress is not ‘Aam Admi’ or Gandhi Family but it is the new icon of Andhra Pradesh – Shri Y.S. Rajashekara Reddy.

If Congress wins (and that is what everyone here predicts and fears) it is solely because of Y.S.R (as the CM is popularly called).

At the end of the election you might have both Congress and TDP+(Mahakuttami) would get equal amount of vote share. It is too early to call if the TDP would get the votes transformed to seat share because of this biggest question – whose Vote Share is Chiranjeevi eating?

PRP is growing steadily in Andhra Pradesh. It appears that it would gulp TDP’s vote share in Kosta (Coastal Andhra) and get nearly twenty seats and spoil that party’s chances in twenty more.

Here are the latest trends

Latest prediction and trend analysis for Andhra Assembly Polls 2009

Seat prediction for Andhra Pradesh Assembly 2009

Indian National Congress (INC) – 135-155 Seats

Telugu Desam Party (TDP)+ - 100-110 Seats

Praja Rajyam Party - 25-40 Seats

Others (MIM, BSP, Congress Rebels) - 8- 10 Seats

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1 comment:

  1. The survey seems to be overestimating the chances of the grand alliance combine.It seems to be an unweildy alliance of essentially antagonistic parties desperate to comeback to power. People will catch their bluff.
    The congress will coast to a convincing win come election day.


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