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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Development of Andhra had UPA NOT been in power

Current congress government in Andhra Pradesh has projected itself as the most efficient government of the century. Might be true if one considers the previous congress regimes in state. A look back at the five years of what Andhra lost because of UPA and Samuel Rajashekara Reddy

Volkswagen Project in Vizag – A prestigious project, which would have made Andhra a Detroit of Asia was lost due to the corruption by senior congress minsters (Yes! This was well before the Satyam and Maytas scandal by Samuel Jagan Mohan reddy). This project would have given direct and indirect employment to thousands

Hyderabad – Vijayawada eight lane road – this would have been the fastest expressway in India beating Mumbai – Pune expressway. For the sole reason that this road doesn’t go via Pulivendula (Cuddapah), the state neglected the project

Tata’s Nano Project – The sole reason for Nano to move out of Andhra was real-estate corruption. The manufacturer felt the state government was colluding with real-estate sharks. No need to project the employment opportunities and visibility the project would have brought

Citizens of the state would be less debted or without debts as the flat rates in Hyderabad would be 800/SFT to 1400/SFT. The price shot up to 2500—4000/SFT making all Andhraites as life-long debtors

Tier-II cities development – Neighbourhood states have gained a lot in Tier-II development at the cost of inept Andhra government. Hubli, Belgaum, and Cochin get projects which should have been for Vizag, Tirupati and Vijayawada

F1 Track in Hyderabad – Formula 1 Track provides enough media coverage for any city in which it is held. This would have brought Hyderabad in the league of big cities like Singapore and Shangai

Dumping of e-Seva – the most prestigious project on earth, which every state government and country replicates is dumped by Congress government. Andhra, which topped e-governance five years ago slipped to fifth place within four years. Schemes in e-Seva were systematically removed (Bus Pass, Passport, Property Tax, Wealth Tax etc.) to facilitate large scale corruption in government offices.

Hindu students made to pay more for their loans.

IT Parks in Tirupati, Vizag and Vijayawada would have been fully operational with 50000 staff in each centres. IT Giant Satyam have proposed to employ a minimum of 10,000 in each of these centres. How Raju’s funds were diverted by land hungry congress government and humiliated in public is for the you to see

Condoms, Beer and Wine in Tirupati Devastanam. As a master stroke, TTD was handed over to liquor baron who ensured that the sanctity of the place is ruined.

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  1. YSR has done nothing to the state. The dams he is projecting are not for the farmers but for the coastal corridor industrialists like Ambani and Mallya. If he comes for the next term, the entire Kosta will be devastated

  2. Yes- I agree. congress was only bothered about releasing huge money to contractors, eventhough projects remained only on paper. It played with the sentiments of telanganites time and again. In bye-elections it was y.s.r. who was loudly speaking about creation of telangana and blamed K.C.R. that he did not wait for telangana to become reality. D. Srinivas has time and again said that congress would go to polls in 2009 with a clear decision on Telangana.What happened now. tomorrow after results they will say they will go the next polls in 2014 with a clear decision on telangana. In other advanced countries this type of approach would invite prosecution for breach of TRUST- But gentlemen this is INDIA


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