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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Jayalalithaa looks for greater national role - possibly home ministry

Former TamilNadu Chief Minister J. Jayalaithaa, if sources are to be believed, is getting ready for a bigger role in Centre. She might possibly end up as the home minister if her plans to sweep the coming loksabha elections goes well.

There is also enough speculation that she might contest Periyakulam Loksabha seat

Jayalaithaa was born in Mysore Tamil family as Komalavalli. After losing her father at the age of two, her family fell into poverty. She was educated at the Bishop Cotton Girls High School in Bangalore but later she moved to Madras State (now Tamil Nadu) along with her mother Sandhya, who ventured as an actress into Tamil cinema. She was then schooled at Sacred Heart Matriculation School (popularly known as Church Park) of Presentation Convent in Chennai.She excelled in academics and is claimed that she was offered a scholarship for higher studies from Government of India, but with the guidance from her mother, young Jayalalitha moved into film industry.

She has held the post of Chief Minister three times and currently the leader of opposition in Tamil Nadu assembly

First Tenure - 1991-1996
Second Tenure 14 May 2001-16 September 2001
Third Tenure 2002-2006 Digg Technorati Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit BlinkList Furl Mixx Facebook Google Bookmark Yahoo
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  1. Jaya wil get 2 seats this time how can she become HM - Arun (

  2. santhosh gopal3 April 2009 at 13:01

    Mr arun kumar, you are absolutely wrong. What you said is true for DMK and DMDK parties. Jayalalitha will defenitely sweep all the constituencies as like DMK in last parliament election so defenitely she will be a major decision factor for next indian government. You make a note of my message in your diary or pocket note.

  3. A.John Britto chelladurai from Vancouver,Canada:
    Much before even Ms.Jayalalitha might have thought of her role in the center, I had told my collegues in Abu dhabi Indian school,UAE that she is arguably the most intelligent politician the nation has ever seen.If only she realises her past mistake and get away from her friend who has done nothing to achieve the notoreity,
    she can achieve every thing that no Indian has ever done.God has given her the brains and arguably one of those rare ones with beauty and brain and also had the fortune of her association with the most charitabe human being that I had ever known, MGR ,who introduced her into politics.Hope she realises that being the CM of TN is much more than being a Queen, as there were so many kingdoms in TN and as the CM you have the power to rule the whole state.If only she can drop her arrogance and friend then she can achieve as much as what Mr. P.Chidambaram
    as finance minister has increased the revenue many folds by reducing the tax rate ,and what our Lalooji has achieved as railways minister teaching a lesson even to business schools all over the world.
    Ms.Jaya,Mam,the country needs a tough person like you at the home ministry and as you succeed ,the nation can even look forward to having an intelligent and tough prime minister in you ,after Dr.Singh.
    Wish you all the best Mam.I am a great fan of MGR and his blessing will be there for you to do something that makes every Tamilian proud

  4. Looks like you're right Jayalalithaa seems set to sweep the polls and displace M. Karunanidhi as
    Chief Minister.

  5. Predictions in TN

    Jaya and her alliance will win thumbing majority. Congress with internal troubles and Corrupt DMK will be thrown out this time. After the election, Jaya will get some important portfolio in Central govt and both PMK and ADMK will work and join hands with Congress and throw the minority DMK. Jaya & Ramadoss work for hit 2 mangoes in one stone. End of Karuna's corrupt politics

  6. The upcoming lok sabha elections will be a turning point in the history of indian politics,an abled and stronger government is going to be formed under the supervision of india's iron lady
    selvi J.JAYALALITHAA lets hope this and pray for the better future .....
    Jai hind.....


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