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Thursday, 26 March 2009

NCP might not transfer its votes to Congress in Maharashtra

Sharad Pawar lead Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) might not transfer its entire vote bank to Congress candidates. If the gossips in the party cadres and second-rung leaders are to be believed, the NCP wants to show the Congress its place in Maharasthra. The NCP earlier wanted half of the forty-eight seats for itself but had to contend with 22 only.

There are two theories going around on this issue:

1. Maharashtra Assembly Election : NCP wanted to 'weaken' the Congress in Loksabha to reduce the party's bargaining power in Maharasthra Assembly elections which will take place in coming months

2. Prime Minister Aspiration of Mr Pawar: Sharad Pawar never concealed his ambition for the PM's chair. He already has support of SP, LJP and RJD, which combinedly might end up with the figure more than that of the Congress Pary in 2009. He is also pitching on the support from some UNPA members and even Shiv Sena (which might vote for a MArathi to be a PM - a la President's election)

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